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How would you avoid misrepresentation?
What sorts of distributers work with your system and how would they advance my offers?
I am now working with a few different systems. For what reason would it be a good idea for me to work with AdsBay also?
Does it cost cash to join as an Advertiser?

Activity & Leads

How would you track leads or deals created on my offers?
What amount does charge per lead?
How might I upgrade my movement?
What amount of movement would you be able to create for my offers?


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What is new distributers' base edge sum?
Which nations are your offers open to?
What offer composes does AdsBay have?
Alright. I joined. Presently what?
Are there any enrollment expenses?
Who can join AdsBay as a distributer?


Do you offer second level commission?
What is your distributer payout arrangement?
By what method will client discounts influence my bonuses?
Would i be able to win considerably more commission through strategically pitches?
What are your offered bonuses?

Advertising Methods

Are there any advertising technique limitations I should think about?
What advertising devices do you offer distributers?
Do I need my own site(s) to begin advancing your offers?

Following and Reports

I am worried about execution straightforwardness. What detailing do you offer?
Do you offer long haul treat following?